• Ofsted Inspections

    Ofsted Inspections

    Alhamdulillah with the help of Allah (swt) we have a obtained Good in our recent inspections. Click to see full report.

  • Being Healthy (Literature)

    Being Healthy (Literature)

    Being Healthy (Literature) By Shaikh Mufti Sadek Sahib

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    Weekly & Monthly Programs




      • Every Wednesday Tajweed Class


      • Every Thursday Majlis of Zikr and Durood Sharif


      • Every Friday detalied lecture on Hadith from Sahih Bukhari  and Sahih Muslim


      • Every Saturday Tafseerul Quran


                           Monthly Programs


      • 1st Saturday of every month Islahi Majlis ( Purification of the Nafs)


      • Special Detailed talk on a specific topic on the 3rd Saturday of every month




    Facilities & Services

    • Registered Place of Worship: Reg. No. 80420 (2000)

    • Registered Place of Solemnisation of Marriages therein: Reg. No 43604 (2004)

    •Registered Charity: Charity No. 1084269 (2000)

    •Registered School: Ref. 821/6006 (2004)

    •Registered Examination Centre: Centre No. 15236 (2007)


    • 5-time daily prayer and Jumuah facility

    • Dedicated Taraweeh programme, including I’tikaaf

    • Daily and weekly talks, including Darse Hadith and Tafseerul Quran

    • Monthly themed gatherings

    • Islahi Majlis (Spiritual Self-Rectification gatherings - monthly)

    • Tajweed classes for adults

    • Majlis of Zikr & Durood Shareef

    • Islamic counselling & guidance

    • Darul Ifta (Islamic Council of Jurisprudence & Research)

    • Annual Youth Conference

    • Annual Islahi Ijtima (Spiritual Self-Rectification gatherings)

    • Special guest lecturers

    • Radio Transmitter System

    •  Dedicated website: www.jamialuton.org, including Fatwadepartment

    • Recreational & Sports facilities (table tennis, pool table, air hockey and basketball)

    • Fund raising events